Alys Fowler

Father's Day gifts for those who love to garden

Struggling for gift ideas this Father's Day? Read Alys' list of top gifts for dads who love to garden.

I’m not sure I buy into Father’s Day. Isn’t it one of those holidays invented by a card company? Still, it's always nice to receive gifts so here are some entirely gender neutral presents for those who love to garden.


Top of my list are these beautiful secateurs from Niwaki. They are not cheap, but they are forged to last a lifetime and you won’t lose them in the compost thanks to their bright handles. They are by far the finest secateurs I’ve ever used. They make everything like cutting butter.

RHS membership

The one-year gift membership to the RHS allows two people free entry into RHS Gardens, a year’s membership to The Garden Magazine and lots of expert advice. With a new garden in the pipeline at Bridgewater designed by Tom Stuart-Smith and many partner gardens, you get a lot more than just access to the big four RHS Gardens, Wisley, Rosemore, Hyde Hall and Harlow Carr.

Garden hoes

Salad leaves growingMy friend Andrew introduced me to this hoe and I find myself using it all the time on the allotment. It’s very good for getting into tight spots and makes light work of even big weeds. On top of all that it sharpens itself as it goes!


Both the Salad Collection and The Oriental Explorer Collection are both suitable for sowing throughout the rest of the summer and into autumn. This will mean not only do you get to eat lovely leaves shortly, but into winter too. Brilliantly edited collections that are a great introduction to this wonderful seed company.


Look at the footwear choice of many professional gardeners and you’ll all find them wearing Blundstone, the Australian work boot. I’ve had the last pair for fifteen years before they finally gave up the ghost. Easy to slip on and off and very comfortable


This classic French folding penknife with a beech wood handle and a forged steel blade is a dream for cutting string, apples, cheese and all the other things you need to cut on the allotment. Just don’t ever put it in the dishwasher!

Posh Kettles

Finally the Kelly Kettle is a joy to make tea on, it’s perfect for the garden, allotment and camping and runs on whatever material you can burn to hand. Sticks, dried seed heads, cardboard, even dried leaves work well in this design. Tea in no time and so much pleasure in getting there.