Alys Fowler

Homemade herb pots and baskets for Mother's Day

You can do a lot better than a bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day, you can make a pot that will not only look lovely on the day but it'll also give your mum joy all the way through summer.

In all the pots I used peat-free multipurpose compost that has four weeks of feed already added to the mix (this is standard for most multipurpose composts). After that you will need to feed the pots with a propriety feed such as a liquid feed or you could use home-made comfrey tea.

Make your own hanging basket

What you'll need

Hanging basket

A liner

Multipurpose compost

Five plants of your choice


I used some lovely cut-leaved ivy that I divided up and used both in the sides of the hanging basket and at the top. In no time the ivy, if well-watered, will start to hang down the baskets covering the whole thing in a verdant green curtain.

On top I used a single plant of Ajuga reptans “Braunherz’ which has deep bronze-purple foliage and lovely spires of purple-blue flowers that are much loved by bees and pollinators.  Ajugas love to spread so you only need one plant.

To fill in the space and add a little extra joy I used Viola ‘ Penny White Jump Up’. The more you dead head violas, the more flowers you’ll get.

Make your own herb pots

What you'll need

A 15cm pot of your choice

A herb of your choice 

Multipurpose compost mixed with a little grit


I think giving herbs is one of the loveliest gifts because not only do they look wonderful, but you can use them to cook with. Nothing tastes quite like freshly picked herbs.

You could use any variety of herbs for this, I chose a variegated lemon thyme because I love the smell of the foliage when you brush it. Equally as good would be oregano, regular thyme, flat leaved parsley, chervil or sage. Rosemary tends to thrive better in a slightly bigger pot than I used, so if you want to do that make sure you use a large pot, 30cm diameter or bigger.

Around the thyme I used some more Viola ‘Penny White Jump up’ for a little colour. Once the thyme is settled, I’d probably take the violas out because the thyme will do better if it has more space to grow. The Violas were a bargain for £1.50 as they were on sale so it was a slight indulgence, but then it’s Mother’s Day and she’s worth it!