Alys Fowler

How to save a bee

If you find a bee grounded in the middle of the summer then a nice pick me up is always welcome. 

In short, if you see a bee is down then there’s nothing to lose by giving it a little sugar fix.

You can make a quick sugar solution and within 1 - 5 minutes if your bee is going to be revived, you’ll see it perk up back into action.

The sugar solution should be made from roughly 3:1 or 2:1 water to granulated sugar.

Mix the water and sugar up with a tea spoon so that all the sugar crystals have dissolved and then carefully place a little solution in a tea spoon and leave it next to the bee.

If the bee wants a drink, it will quickly recognise what the solution is.

Don’t put the bee in the teaspoon; no one wants to sit in a sticky bath of sugar water.

And don’t try and force the bee to drink, it will just get panicked that you are trying to attack it with a big spoon.

If you don’t want to pick the bee up but you think it should come inside to warm up then carefully nudge it onto a piece of cardboard (cereal boxes are ideal thickness) and take it inside. 

You can tell once the bee is revived as it generally starts to whir up its flight muscles and cleans its face. At this point, take the bee outside and let it fly to wherever home is.