7 signs you're a Christmas pro

We recently ran a survey on what people love and hate about Christmas – and when they get stuff done.

The results revealed there are Christmas pros among us, ticking off Christmas tasks at a staggering rate and before most of us have even considered Halloween.

So, are you one of the Christmas pros?

1. You bought your tree in January

When the shops slashed their prices on leftover Christmas trees, you pounced.

Buying a fake tree a long way in advance is a good way of saving money. But remember, if you do it you’ll need to ignore the comments and odd looks you’ll get as you wrestle your tree to the car in the middle of January.

Too early for you? You’re not alone – in fact 43% of people buy their tree less than a month before Christmas, while a surprising 8% leave it until the night before the big day.

2. You did your Christmas shopping in flip-flops

Last-minute Christmas shopping is routine for some and a nightmare for others. If you’re in the second group, you might want to join the 9% of people who get everything done up to six months in advance.

Optional extra: find a Christmas playlist and keep your headphones on as you go around the high street. Instant Christmas, whatever the weather.

Rather predictably, a similar percentage of men (8.5% to be precise) do their shopping on Christmas Eve. Amateurs.

3. Your decorations came at a cut price

Once you’ve got the tree and the gifts, why not go all the way and get your baubles, tinsel and lights as well? The week after Christmas is when retailers will do anything to get rid of these extremely time-limited items – if you’re a Christmas pro, you smell that weakness and find the best bargains.

New lights also remove the need to untangle the old ones. But of course…

4. You have a strategy for unravelling Christmas lights

You may not like to do it, but you take untangling Christmas lights seriously. You know a good plan means you’re that bit closer to a brightly-lit tree and Christmas officially starting.

Agree with the 18% who rate untangling lights as their least favourite chore? Here are our tips for getting it done quickly – it involves patience, a pencil and, if you’re old enough, a tipple or two. Read how to untangle lights

5. Your Christmas cards were sent out in November

While 16% of people say it’s their least favourite Christmas chore, a whopping two-thirds of people send out Christmas cards a month in advance.

If you’re one of those people, you’re well on your way to having Christmas all figured out.

6. You actually like wrapping presents

You’re in the minority of people (22%) who rate wrapping presents as an enjoyable task. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of well-folded paper, or the chance to tie ribbons – whatever it is, this is the task that separates Christmas pros from its less committed fans.

7. Your house is spotless come 6 January

Topping the pile in terms of our least favourite chores is clearing the house of decorations.

But if you’re a Christmas pro, you do it with determination and grit (plus a very carefully laid out strategy for where each decoration goes).

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