Amazing jobs for women

We have some fantastic Frontline People, including over 1,000 Engineers who are truly the heartbeat of HomeServe - without them, we wouldn't have a business. 

Saturday 23 June is International Women in Engineering Day, so we talked to five of HomeServe's women Engineers to find out what life is like as an engineer at HomeServe and why they chose Engineering as a career.

Toni Oakley-Tulk

At 23, Toni completed an NVQL3 in domestic gas service and repair, then enjoyed working as a Gas Engineer for over 11 years. She joined HomeServe 18 months ago and more recently progressing to become an Engineer Training Consultant.

Toni has been crucial to the success of HomeServe’s Gas Training Academy -leading on events to help inspire the next generation of Engineers.

Why Engineering? 

"I wanted to become an Engineer because I knew a typical 9-5 wasn't for me, I really enjoy helping Customers every day and it's the best decision I've made. I didn't realise how much opportunity there would be to progress as an Engineer and press on with my career too, and now I get the same satisfaction out of helping our People."

Hannah Leggat

Hannah knew she wanted to be a Plumber from the age of 15, and at 19 she completed her apprenticeship with a housing association and went on to join HomeServe five years ago. Ten years on, Hannah has progressed into HomeServe’s Health and Safety team, working to keep our network of nationwide Engineers safe.

Why Engineering? 

"My mum suggested Plumbing, and at 15 I hadn’t considered engineering as a career, but I’m really glad I did. I went for it, got an apprenticeship at 18 and I haven’t looked back."

"I did get knock-backs -the first company I called thought I was asking for my son! It’s important not to get disheartened, I knew what I wanted to do and now I’ve got the best job in the world."

"The best part of being an Engineer is knowing that I make a difference to the people around me -whether that’s in health and safety, or in Customers' homes."  

Marlie Packer

Marlie joined as a Plumber in 2013, then began an ambassadorial role with HomeServe in 2015 - becoming an advocate for women’s sport as well as women in engineering.

Earlier this year Marlie joined forces with coaches from Sale Sharks Community Trust at a three-day all-girls training camp, hoping to inspire more women and girls into playing rugby.

Marlie plays club rugby for Saracens and was most recently named player of the match, making history by winning the inaugural premier 15s final against Harlequins.  

Why Engineering? 

"I really loved playing sport but I didn't want to coach it at the time. I spoke to my adviser at England Rugby and plumbing came out - two years later I became a qualified plumber, and I've loved it ever since!"

"Being an Engineer is massively rewarding, even when Customers think I'm the lady on the phone, telling them the Engineer is coming!"

Kay Cornelis-Logmans

KayEngineerKay has worked as an Engineer since leaving school nine years ago, starting out as an apprentice with a local Plumber. Kay ran her own Plumbing business in Blackburn before moving to Blackpool and joining HomeServe on a recommendation two and a half years ago.  

Why Engineering?

"My family has always been involved in construction, I knew I wanted to do something hands on, and I was always intrigued by working with water. The satisfaction of being able to go above and beyond for Customers who really need help is fantastic. Everyday I wake up happy to go to work.”

"I think it’s unique being a female Engineer, and I love that. Engineering hasn’t been the smoothest of journeys; on my first day at college they pointed me in the direction of hair and beauty!"

Ebony Bunting

19 year old Ebony joined HomeServe as an Apprentice in 2017, spending her first year attending Customer's homes with an Engineer. Alongside this, Ebony also goes to college for two days, biweekly. Ebony has the keys to her own van, along with a full set of tools!

Why Engineering? 

 "I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I left school, I decided not to finish my A-levels as I wanted something more hands-on - so to be able to do the job at the same time as going to college is perfect."

"My grandad was a Mechanical Engineer, I grew up around him fixing things, and he taught me loads -it was an easy decision in the end. There are some great perks; I'll be earning a good salary, with my own tools and van while some of my friends are still at college."