Marlie Packer

How to Rugby: Agility

If you’ve ever watched any rugby games, you’ll notice that players need to be incredibly agile on their feet. Whether it’s to break out of a tough spot or confuse players using footwork, agility is an essential skill all players must work on.

The best way to improve your agility and footwork is to do it fresh and when you aren’t tired. It’s good to open your training week with a speed and agility session and even do another the day after your rest day as your body will be fresh and recovered.

Warm up

It’s important to have a thorough warm up and make sure that you’ve stretched beforehand as the last thing you want is to encourage an injury. Make sure that you’re doing strong hamstring and calf stretches in between all workouts. After you’re warmed up, it’s time to get started on your agility session.


Start 15m away from your hurdles so that once you hit them, you’re in full sprint. This will force you to keep a high knee drive and full speed all of the way through. Repeat this six times, then have a 2-3 minute break and then go at it again.


Ladders are great to work on your footwork. Going through the ladders, you can do a variety of drills:

  • Straight through; similar to the above workout with the hurdles, run straight through the ladders but ensure that both feet tap in each segment of the ladders.

  • Side tap; stand to the left of ladders and work your way forward in a zig-zag, going left to right and then forward, double tapping each time you pass over the ladder.

  • Side on; move across the length of the ladder facing outward, double tapping in each segment and come back facing the same way so you are working both sides.


Run for over 30 meters, building up to 100% speed when you’re ready. 

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