Marlie Packer

How to Rugby: Passing

In the first installment of Marlie's mini series, learn how to perfect the game's essential skill of passing.

The Pot Pass

The pot pass is a pass used over a shorter distance where the power comes through from your elbows and the ball is released through a flick of the wrist technique. Make sure that you have 10 points of contact, which means all fingers on the ball, this will not only encourage you to have more of a central grip on the ball but also means you’ll have more accuracy and control over the direction of the pass.

When delivering the pass, ensure you have high elbows and drive through finishing off with rifles (straight arms) so the ball reaches the player you’re aiming for.

The Spin Pass

The spin pass is a versatile pass which can be used in both shorter and longer range passes. Whereas with the pot pass you hold the ball centrally, with the spin pass you’ll want to hold the ball at the front and back in a position that’s comfortable for you. The power with this pass will come from the back hand while the front hand is used as a guide for the ball. As you drive the ball forward with your back hand, you’ll want to spin the ball with the power coming through from the rear.

With the spin pass you’ll always want to be passing across your body, so if you’re using your right arm/elbow as the driver, you’ll want to have your right foot forward and throw the ball to the left; this is known as keeping your ‘gates open’. Finishing off with your rifles straight so that the trajectory of the ball is directly at your target.

That's all from me on passing, but if you've got any questions just drop me a comment a below.