Marlie Packer

Making sense of Dyslexia

Dyslexia Awareness Week took place from 5 - 11 October 2015. For us it was an opportunity to share with you the personal story of our plumbing engineer Marlie, as she pens her first blog .

Through my younger years of school I was always classed as a naughty kid. I wouldn't apply myself to my school work, I'd much rather be up to mischief and talking to others in class, but really it was because I was covering up the fact that I couldn't read and write as well as the other friends and peers.

It wasn't till year 10 of secondary school it got picked up but I need the extra time in my exams and a reader for my GCSEs which I got.

I never got tested until I was at college for being dyslexia. Then when I was told that I needed/could have a reader and wrighter for my exams but at this point I was quite embarrassed by this. As I got 25% extra time, 
A reader or screen reader, where appropriate 
and A scribe or voice input system, where appropriate. I found this hard As I was doing so well  in other areas of my life. I currently been playing for England at the U19 and 20s got my first England cap in the 2008 at summer Europeans in Amsterdam.

At this time I just started my level to plumbing course at Yeovil College which I had to retake my key skills level 2 English and maths for, for me to be able to become qualified which I hated.

I did extra evening class and a lot of work with my mum, still, to this day my mum is the person I turn to every time I have to do an email fill in forms to check over blogs and every day things like tweets be for I send them.

I think probably like a lot of dyslexic people my worst nightmare would be to get up in front of a group of people and have to write on a board or in a situation where you brain storming as a group and you get asked to do the wrighting.

I think for me it has helped me to overcome being dyslexic by putting myself in a situation and given it my best shot. Some days are better than others but instead of putting off writing emails, letters, filling in forms and then finding a way or a person you can be honest with to check over it.

For me on my phone I’ve downloaded an app called Drogan which I talk in to and it wrights it down for me. I still have to look over it and change some worls but it helps me so much.

Don’t be ashamed or let it get you down being Dyslexic as there are things out there which you can do which others cant. Just apply yourself to the things that you are strong in and when it comes to the things that you not so good at make sure you push yourself to become better that than instead of just not doing anything about it all.