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Adam Chambers on the upcoming season

With a new season comes a new start. There may be some fresh faces in town but Walsall FC are ready to give the fans plenty to cheer about this season. Captain Adam Chambers gives us a glimpse of what to expect! 

You go into every season that comes around with a lot of excitement and hope, and I speak on behalf of all the players when I say there is a real desire to do well amongst the squad. We’ve had a good pre-season and the lads are fit and raring to go. To come through it with no injuries is another major plus. 

The older you get things tend to become a little more difficult, but I like to think I look after myself the best I can to help myself out. I’ve managed to do every session and for me that’s always the aim and hopefully it will stand me in good stead.

We know it’s going to take a bit of time for the boys to gel but all the new lads are really good characters. It’s a testament to the recruitment at the club and the fact that we bring in players who are talented but also good people as well. It makes it a lot easier to hit the ground running. The lads are starting to get to know each other but as the season goes on we’re hoping the bond will get even stronger.

In pre-season the main emphasis is always on fitness. We still want to win games and perform well but the objective is to get fitter. From Saturday, everything is about three points.

As always we can only concentrate on our performance levels but winning games is what we want to do. It’s the main difference between pre-season and the League campaign. There’s that tension and nervous excitement in games knowing you’re competing for something.  It’s what we train for and what we do. Hopefully we can all raise our game and start with a strong performance and three points.

Our annual open training day earlier this week was another example of how much of a family club Walsall is. As players it’s always good to interact with fans and in the time I’ve been here, open days seem to attract more fans each year so we must be doing something right. It gives supporters a chance to chat to the players and seeing kids with a smile on their faces and being able to go behind the scenes is fantastic. 

It’s what every fan wants to do, whatever sport you follow, you want to see what goes on behind closed doors. Fans are a huge part of what we do and it's important clubs don’t lose sight of that. They get to see a different side to us and hopefully it helps to continue the great relationship we have between the players and supporters.

Last year we had an improved gate on the previous season and we know as players we need to perform well to get supporters to come down to Banks’s Stadium. It’s like the chicken and egg scenario because we know with more fans they can help us perform well and get better results.

We’ve now just got to keep our end of the bargain and give supporters something to cheer about.