Sarah Hazelwood

Do you have the happiest neighbours in Britain?

Our recent study proves that Britain’s community spirit is as strong as ever. Take a look at our infographic to find out more about Britain’s happiest neighbours.

At Homeserve, we believe that Britain’s community spirit is alive and kicking. Now, our most recent survey has proved just that.

We asked over 2000 neighbours in the UK, in a nationwide poll, to see just how well we get on with the person next door.

The survey revealed an overwhelmingly positive response, with more than 83% of people reporting that their neighbours have gone out of their way to help them and make their lives easier. Of all survey respondents, a further 42% said they know and interact with their neighbours on a regular basis and 44% are also keen to build relationships and get to know their neighbours better.

The poll also showed that the UK’s unique community spirit is alive and well with many neighbours wanting to organise more social events similar to the street parties held during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (27%), community clean ups (25%), DIY skills sharing sessions (25%) and more local fundraisers for local community groups and schools.

With so much love in our local communities, we decided to celebrate this companionship by mapping out where Britain’s happiest neighbours live. Below you’ll see the top 10 ‘happy neighbour hotspots’ and the qualities we like the most in our neighbours.

HomeServe Good Neighbours infographic

With such a strong response in favour of our neighbours and what they do for us, we wondered if there was a formula for the perfect neighbour. To find out, we took our data to the boffins at Mindlab and they came up with the equation below:

HomeServe Perfect Neighbour equation

While this looks pretty complicated to us, the Mindlab experts explained that the equation shows the perfect neighbour is most likely to:

  • live in a house rather than a flat
  • be aged under 25
  • live in Preston
  • be good at DIY
  • be 100% reliable in an emergency, and
  • be trustworthy and very sociable with their neighbours.

Now we’ve figured out the formula, you can see if you fit the bill! Whether you have all of the traits of a perfect neighbour or you’re working on it, it’s clear from our findings that we are a nation full of happy neighbours who like to help each other! Tell us how your neighbour makes you happy by commenting below.