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HomeServe's Big Spring Clean

Spring into action with HomeServe's Big Spring Clean!

The clocks have been moved forwards, which means only one thing - it’s officially spring. The start of spring can be one of the most recognisable transitions between the seasons, because the weather is supposed to be milder (questionable), the days get longer and the nights get lighter, which is a welcome break after a dull winter.

Of course, with spring comes the traditional act of cleaning to get rid of the months of dust and clutter, which has built up while we’ve been stuck inside hibernating. But, I really wanted to know, where did the term spring clean come from and during my hunt for the answer I discovered even more interesting facts about this wonderful season. Here are a few to get your spring knowledge up to speed…

  • The tradition of spring-cleaning dates back centuries and is the hallmark of Jewish, Iranian and Chinese cultures.
  • The earliest known use of the term ‘spring clean’ was in 1857.
  • The first day of spring is also called the vernal equinox – this day is only one of two every year, when the sun passes directly over the equator.
  • Spring is a term that’s been used since the 16th century. Before that the season was known as Lent or Lenten.

So what exactly is ‘spring cleaning’? Well, it isn’t just about sprucing up your home. It’s also about clearing out other aspects of your life and wiping the slate clean.

Whether it’s DIY, decorating or getting organised, now is the time to start doing all those little jobs you’ve been letting build up over the last few months. But, if like me you’re really not sure where to get started then don’t worry, because you’re in the right place.

To make all these tasks seem a little less daunting and to help put a little spring in your step, we’ll be bringing you articles packed with handy hints and tips for cleaning your home inside and out, to keeping the weeds at bay in your garden. And remember, if you come across something a little more complicated during your big clean, we can help you with that too. 

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Happy spring from team Ketchup!