Sarah Hazelwood

Learning at Work Week is coming to HomeServe

This month for the first time ever we’re joining thousands of other organisations for Learning at Work Week. Read Sarah's blog to find out how we're getting involved.

When I left education to enter the world of work I did a huge jump of joy. Finally, no more assignments and no more exams – bliss.

Little did I know that as I progressed through my career there would be other things, aside from what I was qualified in, that I would find myself wanting to learn about. But, when you’ve got a full-time job and a busy social life it can be difficult to find the time, money and even the inclination to organise and take on something new.

Then I joined HomeServe. I’ve been here almost two years now and I’m still discovering the opportunities that are available to me. In fact, I’ve never worked anywhere where it’s so easy to broaden your skill-set and qualify in something you never thought possible.

Learning made easy

HomeServe is all about its people and gives us the support to learn, develop and Hayley Arnoldprogress, whatever area of the business we’re from. It does this through offering various higher education qualifications, virtual classrooms, in-house training, as well as the opportunity to access development tutorials and learning tools outside of work.

Hayley Arnold, a marketing manager at HomeServe, is currently working through her CIM qualification. She said: “This is a great opportunity for me as I have not previously studied marketing academically. It’s helping me to fill in knowledge gaps and develop into a more rounded marketer. Getting onto the course was effortless and the management team here have been so supportive, allowing me to have the time off I need to study and attend my lectures.”

All this amazing stuff goes on throughout the year, but this month for the first time ever we’re joining thousands of other organisations for Learning at Work Week.

#LAW week is ready to launch

This national awareness campaign, which runs from 16th- 22nd May, aims to put the spotlight on the importance of learning and development in the workplace. During this special week, HomeServe will be doing what it does best by running a programme of learning activities to employees across our Walsall, Banbury and Preston sites. Virtual classrooms and Lunch & Learns will run every day and cover all manner of things, from personal branding and mind mapping to situational leadership.

Matt Hill, Director of learning and Development at HomeServe, said: “We’re committed to offering our staff the opportunity to build on their strengths and fully encourage our people to reach their potential. This support also includes investment in leadership training and personal development. This is the first year we’re having a Learning at Work event at HomeServe and it’s vitally important to develop their skills.”

Aside from anything else the one thing that all this shows, is it’s never too late to learn. So, whether the company you work for is getting involved in LAW week or not, do some digging and find out what opportunities are available to you. HomeServe is a prime example that with the right support you can take your career to the next level and still carry on doing all the things you love. I know it’s a cliché, but life is way too short to put things off, so if there’s something you fancy doing, go for it.

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