Sarah Hazelwood

Smart tech is getting smarter and so are our homes

Technology has come on leaps and bounds over the years and today an abundance of smart gadgets are transforming the traditional British home.

For families in the early 1960s, microwaves were the height of modern technology, but the price tag was too steep for the average household. A black and white TV was the norm until the first colour images were broadcast in 1967, and the first ATMs were installed on the high street at the end of the decade.

In the decades that followed, technology became smarter and smarter. The invention of mobile phones and the personal computer revolutionised the way people communicate, and with the invention of the World Wide Web and email, the world seemingly became a much smaller place.

Today, our smartphones put knowledge right at our fingertips whenever we need it. We can carry more than 25,000 songs and 3,500 books in our pockets, and control our central heating systems remotely with a swipe of our thumbs with new smart thermostat technology.

But, as our homes get smarter and Brits become more tech-savvy, we’re starting to turn our backs on the devices, which were actually responsible for kick-starting this revolution. In fact, we carried out a survey with 2,000 people and found that the trusty alarm clock and landline phone are now two of the least important devices we need in our homes. Toasters and tumble dryers on the other hand, remain a staple part in many, but it probably won’t be long before an even smarter version of these starts hitting the shelves.

This infographic looks at the biggest tech hits and misses from the last fifty years.

A gadget like no other

A LeakbotToday, the tech market is bursting with gadgets, which claim to help make our lives smarter and more effortless. The most recent device, set to make waves in the industry, is award-winning LeakBot, which has been created by HomeServe’s very own innovation hub – HomeServe Labs.

LeakBot has been designed to detect water leaks anywhere on the mains water pipe in your home, before they become a major problem. If it spots a leak it’ll alert you via a smartphone app and connect you straight to one of our expert plumbers. Clever, eh?

As well as looking to benefit many people, LeakBot is like nothing we’ve ever seen before in the plumbing industry. It really just goes to show, that when it comes to finding new ways to making our smart homes even smarter, right now, there are really are no limits.

A smart way of life 

Amongst LeakBot and all the amazing hits in the tech world, there’s also been plenty of misses, as companies across the globe continue to battle it out to create the smartest device on the market. We’ve handpicked our favourite tech highs and lows from the last 5 decades and reveal our predictions for the future