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Creating a Summer Scrapbook

Summer days can be long, but without even realising it, it will soon be September and back to school again. All the memories made will be forgotten in no time at all. To make the memories last longer you can try scrapbooking to capture those precious moments. What's more you'll be able to look back on them year after year. 

What is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is a way to keep memories and is more than just a photo album. You can use it to build a story of your life by creating mini chapters about things you do and places you've seen. A scrapbook is more like a journal, arranged with pages, titles and decorated so the whole family can join in.

You can even create ones for different events or occasions, they are more insightful than just having photos. Perhaps you want to commemorate a wedding anniversary, or the first birthday of one of your children or you just need to clear out thousands photos on your phone.

What you need to get started

You need to start with the scrapbook itself. However, if you don’t know how many pages you will use, it may be worth creating one page at a time. When you're ready to number pages, you can move the pages around and create an order before binding them together.

You will also need things that you can generally find around the home like pens, scissors and glue. However, many seasoned scrapbookers will invest in more than just a Pritt Stick and will have glue dots that are easier to work with, craft scissors, patterned paper and embellishments like ribbon, washi tape, stickers, beads and buttons.

Some of the best places to look for supplies are either Amazon or Hobby Craft who also offer how to guides and videos to give you ideas and inspiration.

How can I keep the costs down?

All these new bits of kit can certainly put a dent in the budget. If it’s a hobby that you think you’ll be doing for a while then a small amount of investment is worth it. If your children really enjoy it, then add some of their favourite crafts to their birthday or Christmas lists.

Printing photos can get quite expensive. You can either look to print images from home which will look best using photo card, but will get costly with the paper and printer ink. 

You can avoid paying out for all your photos to be printed by using websites. Some smartphone apps offer free prints and you just pay for postage. A lot of them offer around 25 - 75 free prints and there is nothing stopping you from signing up to as many as you need and getting all the images to complete your scrapbook.

If you are into technology then you could opt for a more modern look at scrapbooking and do it all online. This will cut down the need to buy any crafts or resources and, when you’ve completed it, you can share it via your social media accounts or just print it off at home.

Capture memories

Building a scrap book can be quite easy and you don't need a high level of skill so it’s perfect for a summer holiday activity.

Rather than just making one scrapbook, you can ask your children to make one of their own. Each member of your family would have different opinions of their summer and will have experienced different things so you could get multiple views of the same holiday or day out.

Scrapbooking is a great way to help your kids express themselves, get creative, practice their writing and have a treasured memory they can look back on. The scrap book would also be useful to take to school in their first few days to use as a talking point about what they did.


Happy scrapbooking!