Skint Dad

Don't let Bonfire Night blow up your budget

However you're spending Bonfire Night, Skint Dad's put together his top tips to help you make the most of it without breaking the bank.

Bonfire Night is upon us and my kids are already talking about sparklers, rockets and Guy Fawkes! There is definitely something special about seeing hundreds of coloured sparks rain down from the night sky, and hearing the distant whooshes and booms of rockets being launched. And what better excuse to wrap up warm and snuggle up tight with your loved ones? 

Problem is, 10 - 20 minutes of sparkles in the sky can set you back an arm and a leg if you’re not careful and your budget can go up in smoke. Or, if you want to pack your family off out to a private event locally, tickets cost a small fortune as well!

So, how can you make the most of Bonfire Night without breaking the bank?

Make a night of it

Although a small set of fireworks isn't massively expensive they don't last a great length of time. So, you’ll need to fork out more to make it worth it. Rather than incurring all the cost alone, why not see if you can get a few friends together?

Set a budget and have everyone put money into a pot that can go towards fireworks. If you plan to have a bit of a party at the same time remember to stay safe. Budget supermarkets do seem to work out cheaper than going to a pop-up fireworks shop, or one of the bigger supermarkets. 

When it comes to feeding everyone, get a chilli con carne in the slow cooker and serve with jacket potatoes from the oven. Making food from the slow cooker is really easy as you can prepare it in the morning and not have to worry when everyone turns up; it’s a warming dish that will go down a treat on a cold night.

You could even ask your guests to bring a dish each to lighten the load (plus they can take the washing up back with them!)

Watch everyone else's

We used to live in a flat that had velux windows and a view over pretty much the whole town. When it came to fireworks night, we could see every bang that went off, but the windows were too high for the kids.

We’re currently living in a built up road so don't really see so much of the sky. Instead, to take in the best of the evening, we decide to go for a walk. Heading to an open space like playing fields or a big park, makes sure we’ve got plenty of open sky. Plus we’ll take a picnic blanket and a flask full of hot chocolate. Wrapped up warm in gloves, hats and scarves we can take in the whole night. While looking up, we can watch every firework display in the local area for free. Plus, with no interruption from the TV, we really get some great family time together.

Staying in

Maybe you’ve got little kids or pets who hate the bangs and don't want to venture out. Instead why not try to enjoy what you can of the season at home instead.

Bake cakes or cookies and decorate them with the themes of the night. You could even try getting crafty with paints and creating your own firework display on paper. Perhaps you could even make your own rockets with toilet roll tubes or straws. If you need a bit of inspiration be sure to explore thousands of ideas over on Pinterest.

And if all that seems too much, how about just turning a film up loud and drinking plenty of hot chocolate to cover up the noises of the bangs.

However you’re spending Guy Fawkes I hope you stay safe and have a great night.