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Fun (and cheap) things to do with the family this Easter

Read Skint Dad's thrifty tips on ways to keep the family entertained during the Easter holidays.

Easter is a slightly funny time of year weather wise. We may get lucky and have glorious sunshine, but we may lose out and end up with a wet and grey Easter (or even blizzards and snow!)

With two weeks of school holidays almost upon us, filling the time with fun and excitement can be tricky, especially with the uncertainty of the weather and, if money is a bit tight it puts even more pressure on you to be creative.

We have definitely struggled over the years to find things to do with my children when they are off from school and there haven’t been the funds in the bank to head down to the coast, or take a trip to the cinema.

That said, last year we decided to sit down and come up with a list of things we could do over Easter that didn’t cost a lot of money, and wasn’t weather dependent.

Make your own eggs

Buying a couple of chocolate Easter eggs isn’t necessarily going to break the bank but for some bigger families even a couple of eggs per person can start to add up! A cheaper alternative, or just a fun thing to do, is to make your own Easter eggs.

You can pick up moulds for chocolate eggs relatively cheap on Amazon or from homeware retailers. Then you just need to pick up a few bars of cheap chocolate which you can melt to use in the moulds. If you do decide to make your own you get a lot more choice on the type of chocolate and also have the option to fill them with smaller chocolates or sweets for an extra surprise.

Easter egg hunt

It wouldn’t really be Easter without a hunt! Take the eggs that the kids made (provided not too many of them were eaten!) or buy a few smaller ones in a shop and plan a scavenger hunt. Rather than a standard egg hunt, see if you can come up with maps, puzzles and clues to make a few hours of fun.

We’ve done this a few times and it turns it into a big game across the house (and outside if the weather is on side). One of our daughter's favorite memories (ever) is finding an egg in the washing machine - she just loves how silly it was.

Decorate eggs

You’ve got a few options when it comes to painting eggs and each one makes for a very different effect.

First up you can hard boil then paint the outside of the egg in various patterns, colours or designs. Alternatively, after you hard boil the egg, roll it on a surface so the shell cracks then add it back to a pan of water with some food colouring. Boil it again, then when you take the eggs out, they will have a cracked and speckled effect.

Colouring other eggs

If you want to avoid eggs and just want to get down to colouring, looking for Easter related colouring downloads is relatively easy but there are loads out there. Netmums have quite a selection that you can download to print, if you need somewhere to get you started.

You could also try painting with potato shapes and creating a variety of prints and you could even make a batch of salt dough and creating some eggs, or chicks or any other shape to paint and use to decorate the house.

Get extra crafty

Maybe you’ve got some odd bits of paper or a bag of pasta shapes or empty cereal boxes that could be turned into something new.

Whether you look to make Easter bonnets for the kids to wear or you create some decorations to put around the house, there is always something lurking around that you can craft into something new.

From toilet rolls being turned into bunnies or you could papier mache a balloon into a chick, there so many ideas to keep the family entertained - sometimes too many!

For inspiration, take a look on Pinterest for Easter crafting where there are a million and one ideas to suit every ability - from making easy stained glass windows to simple wreaths, and bunny bunting and doily sheep there are so many ideas you can use for inspiration.

Having fun at Easter but keeping the budget in order can be very easy with a bit of preplanning and a bit of invention. The kids will have a great time getting crafty and inventive - plus if chocolate is involved they’ll no doubt have fun!