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How to be smart with your cash this spring

From growing your own veg to earning a bit of money by decluttering, read all of Skint Dad's top tips on how to be smart with your cash this spring!

I love this time of year when spring greets us with longer brighter days but they’re not too hot. Plus, we get the added benefits of lots of chocolate and the start of the new financial year.

Growing your own

With the lovely weather (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for lots of sun) why not get a green thumb and get planting. Potatoes, green beans and carrots are easy enough to grow in the garden and can cut the cost of your supermarket spend.

Even if you don’t have a garden, there are plenty of things you can grow on your windowsill. You can pick up grow your own pots of herb which taste better than from a jar and they keep growing (if you just remember to water them). You could even try regrowing cuttings of food - it really works! We’ve tried it with the ends of spring onions and they just grow back!

Don’t over use water

It’s all very well growing lots of lovely plants and vegetables but you need to water them well, which is going to up the amount you spend on your water bill - especially if you are fitted with a water meter.

Instead of relying on a hose, collect the rain in a water butt after a downpour and you’ve got free water to feed all your plants.

Get out and about

In winter it’s easy to pull the curtains closed early and tuck up with a warm blanket and cup of tea but not now the sun is out. Even if we wanted to do something, most winter type days out often cost a bomb as it’s all inside events where we have to pay entry.

Spring is a perfect time for dusting off the cobwebs and heading out for a cheap day out. From the park, to walks in the woods, a picnic on the beach or even a spot of Geocaching and treasure hunting can be a great way to keep the family entertained for next to nothing.

Start saving

April sees the start of the new tax year and has seen changes to a number of different taxes. The marriage allowance has increased to £1,100, personal free tax allowance has increased to £11,000 and National Living Wage has been introduced at £7.20 per hours for over 25s. The extra money in our pockets can certainly help to pay the bills.

On top of that, we can start saving in our ISAs again. You will still be able to save £15,240 tax free but as the financial year has started again, the whole pot will be ready for you to start filling.

Declutter and sell up

Have a sort through your home and see if you can declutter and earn a bit of money. When sorting through your home, take a look at your wardrobe, DVDs, books and games and see what you don’t use anymore.

If you haven't used the item for at least six months the chances are that you’ll never use it again. That just leaves another thing to dust when you could make a bit of money instead.

Whether you turn to local Facebook groups to part with your goods, sell on eBay or cash in using specialist books and tech selling sites you’ll get to clear out and cash in.

Clean up

These few months are seen as the time when many people have a proper spring clean and get their home dusted down, deep cleaned and ready for summer. The good thing is, it’s not just about cleaning - you can save money in the process!

Have a hunt behind the back of the sofa while you’re vacuuming it out as you’ll be sure to find some odd coins, which can go straight into your piggy jar. Make sure you defrost the fridge freezer as when there’s less ice it runs better.

Also look to clear out filters on things like your computer, vacuum cleaner, fridge and tumble dryer. Clogged up dust can make your appliances work harder which will cost you more money on electricity. It will also mean they make break down sooner, leaving you with an expensive replacement cost.