Skint Dad

Skint Dad’s guide to moving home

Skint Dad has moved home six times over the last six years! With all this experience, he's created the ultimate moving home checklist to help you.

We’ve always rented. As much as we would like to buy a house, it has been financially impossible up to now and, because of this, over the last six years we have moved a total of six times!

It’s not like we wanted to move that many times but because of the volatility of the rental market, it’s meant that we couldn’t get settled in one place for too long. Now that might seem disruptive and with a few of the moves it has been, but renting has had its plus points as we’re always on top of keeping our clutter down.

Whether you’re renting the same as us or a homeowner looking to take that next step on the property ladder, with all this experience of moving, I wanted to share some of the things that hit the top of my moving home checklist which will enable you to make that move a lot more smoothly.

Booking your removal

Whether you have just a few boxes or a four bedroom house, you’re going to need to work out the best way to move your possessions into your new home. There are a number of options such as hiring a van and doing the removal yourself, roping in friends or family, or if you have a serious amount of stuff, booking a man and a van or professional removal service.

The home removal sector is vast so there are plenty of opportunities to get a competitive quote. The best place I’ve found for this is which is a comparison site giving you removal quotes via email within seconds.

Declutter and make some cash

If you’ve lived in your current property for a few years then I’m guessing that you have accumulated quite a lot of stuff. With this in mind now it the perfect opportunity to clear some of that clutter, make some money and have less to pack in the process!

Start going through one room at a time, sorting out the items you can sell and any rubbish that can just get thrown out. Hopefully you’ll have more in the sell pile than the rubbish one. Once you’ve sorted through the whole house you can now make some cash.

With everyday items you can look to sell on Gumtree, your local paper or even on Facebook. If you have items that you think might be worth a little more then definitely check out eBay.

Pre-book a food delivery

With everything that will be happening on the day you move, the last thing you want to do is go food shopping when there are loads of boxes to unpack. With this in mind, pre-book a food delivery for the day you move in.

All the major supermarkets offer a home delivery service (and if you’re a new online customer you can usually get a discount). By ordering store cupboard essentials and getting the freezer and fridge stocked with everything you've emptied out over the previous couple of weeks, it will save you much needed time.

Why not get a bottle of fizz so you can celebrate the move that evening too?

The big clean

Whether you’re renting or a homeowner, when you shut the door behind you for the last time you want to leave the property clean and tidy. Now, and this has happened to me on many occasions, the last thing you want to do when the final box is loaded on the van is stay for a couple of hours cleaning.

Instead, start deep cleaning a week or so before the big move. Move the big furniture (if you can) and clean under and behind as it’s amazing how much dust can accumulate. Tackle one room a day and get it to the best possible standard then on the day you move your cleaning will be cut in half allowing you more time to concentrate on your new home.

Take final meter readings and cut your bill

When moving home you need to contact your gas and energy supplier with the final meter readings of the old property. Although this is a straightforward process, while you’re on the phone to them take advantage and check you’re on the best deal.

Obviously with moving into a new home you may not know what the usage is going to be but your supplier should still be able to estimate. After being in your new home for a couple of months, check how much gas and electricity you have used and shop around for a better deal.

Ask those all important questions

What day are the bins emptied? How do I turn off the mains water supply? Where is the thermostat? These are just a few of the questions which you need to know the answers to but more than likely forget to ask.

For us, asking these questions are like second nature (as we’ve moved so many times) but you’ll be surprised how many people move into their new home not knowing the answers. To be organised with this take half an hour to jot down all the questions you can think of – even if you think they are silly. Then a week or so before the move ring the estate agent and ask for the answers.

Final thoughts

Moving home can be a stressful process, especially if you have a large number of possessions. The trick we’ve found to make it go that bit more smoothly is to really plan ahead. Now I know we all have busy lives but just by implementing the tips above and keeping on top of things, moving day will be something to look forward to instead of it filling you with dread!