Skint Dad

Toys from your childhood that might make you rich

With Christmas around the corner it's worth having a rummage through old possessions to see if you can make some extra money by selling them. You may have some gems that could be sold for a lot of money! 

As the youngest of six siblings you could say I was a little bit spoilt growing up. The age gap between me and the next oldest was 10 years and, because of this, when it came to birthdays and Christmas, I would receive more presents than I actually needed.

Growing up in the eighties I can remember having some awesome toys. From Transformers to Teddy Ruxpin, Micro Machines to Masters of the Universe; the number of toys that must have passed through my little hands was vast. Fast-forward to today and, while I have a fair few keepsakes from growing up, I frustratingly don’t have one single toy left. I say frustratingly because if I had kept some, I could be quids in by selling them to toy collectors for a tidy price! Let’s look at what could have been.

Nintendo Entertainment System

The NES was the first games console I ever owned and I loved it. From Super Mario and side-kick Luigi, Duck Hunt and Stadium Events; many an hour was spent in my brother’s bedroom borrowing his colour TV to play it on. When I hit my teenage years, playing video games wasn't high on my agenda and so they were sold at the local car boot fair. Oh how I regret that now. A quick look on eBay tells me that a mint condition copy of Stadium Events sell for over £400 and that a NES in good condition with a handful of games can sell for the same amount.


As well as loving the Transformers cartoons that were on after school most days, I also loved the action figures. Every Christmas and birthday for a number of years I would always receive at least one figure and in that way built up quite a collection. By the age of 13, I’d grown out of action figures and remember letting my mum give my whole collection to the local play school. Some of the figures hadn’t even been opened but I was a kid and didn’t give it a second thought that they could be worth keeping hold of. After checking eBay once again I could kick myself! Certain mint condition Transformer action figures are now changing hands for around £300!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Staying with the action figures (well I am a boy), TMNT was an obsession for me growing up. I remember the cartoon being on a Wednesday and I would watch it before my karate class where I would pretend to be either Leonardo or Splinter. Although I can fondly remember having the actual figures, the thing that really sticks in my mind was the TMNT Technodrome. This awesome playset was one of my favourite toys as a child and I would have tremendous fun playing imaginary battles on a Saturday afternoon. If you had this playset and kept it in mint condition into your adulthood, you’d be in the money with it being worth a whopping £500!!

Teddy Ruxpin

It was 1985, I was six years old and my parents bought me a Teddy Ruxpin. Teddy was the first toy that I can remember really capturing my imagination. He would come with me everywhere and I would even get my mum to serve up a pretend dinner for him. The most amazing thing was that Teddy Ruxpin could tell you a story (with help from batteries and a cassette tape) which he would most nights when I went to bed. I never knew what happened to Teddy Ruxpin but if he hadn’t been my favourite toy, and I’d keep him in his box all neat and untouched, I’d be laughing all the way to the bank with a recent one having been sold for $525.

What’s in your attic?

If you’re not already grabbing the step ladder and hunting in the loft for those toys from your childhood, or calling your mum to make sure your toys are still stored in the garage, then what are you waiting for? You may just be sitting on a goldmine. Perhaps like me you didn’t keep any and if this is the case please don’t be downhearted. As time goes on, our own kids' toys may be worth a buck in the future and we can cash in then – just make sure you keep the boxes!