Stefan Ram

Cleaning with ketchup

It turns out the famous red condiment isn’t limited to being poured onto chips or a fish finger sandwich, it’s even great for cleaning!

So what I’m going to propose might seem ridiculously crazy but stay with me here. Of course, you can use ketchup to create scenes of gore and horror as fake blood but have you ever considered using ketchup for cleaning?

Cleaning metals

You might not have known but when you combine the high levels of vinegar that reside in ketchup with a metal, it creates a layer of acetate; a salt or ester of acetic acid, and acetate dissolves when in water. This makes Ketchup a versatile product that can be used for both cleaning as well eating! 

The Shining Sauce

  • If you’ve got some brass, copper or silverware that has lost its shine and is looking a bit dull, roll up your sleeves, grab a cloth, your bottle of ketchup and get to work.
  • Ketchup is brilliantly effective at removing tarnish and buffing up your silvers back to their former glory. Smother your metal in ketchup, give it a rub and then rinse it under some warm water. You should be able to notice the difference whilst you're rubbing your pots and pans down and once all rinsed, they’ll be left with a dazzling finish.

Gleaming jewellery

  • It doesn’t end with pots and pans and silverware around your kitchen. If you’ve got any silver jewellery that’s losing its sparkle, fill up a bowl and fully submerge the jewellery in ketchup for up to ten minutes.
  • When you take out your ketchup soaked accessories, give them a gentle scrub using a toothbrush followed by a rinse under warm water and voila! You’ll find your formerly dulled out jewellery has gained some of its sparkle back!

Cleaning the car

  • Before you go caking your car in dollops of ketchup – I’m not referring to the whole of your vehicle, actually, ketchup has been said to work well at buffing up rims and removing the tarnish on them.
  • Granted, the red sauce isn’t all that great at removing dirt and grime so you’ll probably want to give it a full once-over wash and dry and then get out the ketchup bottle. Like in the previous tips, rub ketchup over the metal of the rims on your car and let it set. Rub off the sauce and give it a rinse to buff up those shiny shoes on your vehicle.

Remember, if you’re inside be careful that you don’t get ketchup on to your carpets! As with all thick sauces; it can be a pain to get out. If you like me, like to dive in and find yourself in a bit of a muddle, don’t worry, I’ve got a few pointers to help you get rid of that red stain you’re staring that is sinking into your carpet.

Cleaning up ketchup stains

  • First off you’ll want to minimise the spread of the stain. Try not to rub the stain, this will only make it harder to tackle and encourage the ketchup to settle into the fibers of the carpet.
  • The key is to act fast to minimise how deep the ketchup goes. If you’ve got a hoover to hand, use it to vacuum up the excess sauce or alternatively use a spatula and try not to spread the mess!
  • Mix together a tablespoon of washing up liquid with some cold water and dab the stain with a white cloth soaked in the solution.
  • Repeat this over and you should notice the stain getting picked up by the cloth, stick with it until the stain has disappeared and rinse the stain on the carpet with cold water to get rid of any washing up liquid clinging onto the carpet. Job done!

Have you got any other ways to use ketchup around the house other than on your food? I’m sure I overheard someone here at HomeServe saying it’s great to get the smell of muddy fields off their dog after a long messy walk...anyhow, let me know if you’ve got any crazy ketchup cleaning tips or any tips for cleaning using everyday home products.