Stefan Ram

Five types of people that work at HomeServe

To give you an insight on what a great place we work at, we've put together a list of People you could and would expect to see if you ever decided to join the HomeServe family.


 A sack race

They get things done; no matter how. Walking, talking… even hopping.

Funny Guys

A HomeServe employee dressed as SuperTed

If laughter is the best medicine, we've got plenty of doctors!


A man sweeping

No matter what the task, we get things done… and majestically at that.



They're always here - offices become bedrooms. The thing about working hard is... we play pretty hard too.

Fitness Buffs

Fitness at HomeServe

They take fitness to the next level. Doing a great job and looking good; it’s how we roll.

Look interesting? Of course it does! If you fancy joining the team or seeing whether you'd be a nice fit into our family, head on over to our careers hub to see if we've got something for you.