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Last minute Mother's Day gift guide

With Mother’s Day falling on the tail-end of the weekend, there’s still time for you (like me) last-minute gift buyers to get something brilliant for the special lady in your life.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been a last-minute shopper, whether it’s Christmas Eve and I’m rushing out to make a start on my list, the day before a birthday of a close friend or the days just before an event such as this. Thankfully, the years of being unprepared have led me to mastering the art that is, last minute gift shopping.

Here are my top pointers to get you through that mad rush and come out the other end without a dent on your brilliant reputation as a son/daughter.

  • Don’t panic

    Listen here... this is not the end of the world. Things have happened and got in the way, but you’re here, it’s nobody’s fault, it is what it is, so let’s get started. You’ve got less than 48 hours to not only come up with a brilliant idea but also get out, make the purchase, wrap it, all whilst being as inconspicuous and slick as possible. Unless you find a great deal online and want to exploit a next day delivery service!

  • Know your mother

    This is a no brainer. You’ve known her your whole life so have a bit of think about what she would really like, and get to work. Here are some thoughts and actual gift ideas to give you a hand.

    Book a day out for you and your mother. If you’ve got siblings invite them along out of courtesy... then watch them squirm when they realise how much you’ve outdone them! This can be anything, if your mom is a bit of a car fanatic, book a track day for her to test out a super car. If you think she deserves (which of course she does) a bit of rest and relaxation, book her a spa day. Think about interests and hobbies. Things that your mother will actually enjoy – it’s a day to be different. 

    Perfume is always a winner. If you know your mom’s favourite fragrance you’re onto a winner. But make sure you don’t go too cosmetics heavy!

    Personalised gifts can go down well, and are great if you're working to a budget. Why not hand pick a wild flower bouquet, make a handmade card or even put together a book of memories? 

  • Don't forget the most important thing: time

    I’m not exactly talking from experience here but one thing that I’ve learnt about moms, mums and mothers – any parent for that matter, is that time is one of the most important things you need to consider. Whenever Mother’s Day comes around, my brother, sister and I like to be practical so start off by asking my mom what she would like as a gift – not one to ask for things, she will always say, “I just want to spend a lovely day with my three children”, followed by a list of perfumes that she likes as a “just in case you want to get me something!”

  • Execution is critical

When the big day comes, be on hand to assist, help and do whatever needs doing. Get some extra housework done to take the stress of your mother, give her a hand and let her relax for the day. Once you’ve got everything done and dusted (literally), take some quality time to just relax and talk together – although it’s a small thing this will probably count for more than any of the gifts you’ve purchased.

That rounds up my guide to Mother’s Day! If you’ve got any questions or you’re seriously stuck with gift ideas, drop a comment below and I’ll see if I can come up with something.

Staying true to tradition, I’m yet to make my purchase but I do have a few ideas in the bank. I will more than likely be exploiting my Amazon Prime membership this weekend to get a few next day deliveries, here’s to hoping I won’t need to use same day delivery! Tradition means that we’ll take my mom out for a nice bite to eat for lunch and then relax for the afternoon.

Happy Mother’s Day Momma!

Stefan Ram as a baby with his mum