Stefan Ram

Meet Pepper

Lassie, Pluto, Pudsey, Hooch, all names you’d recognise when you think of cute canines... until now that is! To celebrate #BringYourDogToWorkDay we’d like you to meet Pepper! 

We’ve been spending lots of time with our HomeServe Connect family recently. HomeServe Connect is our smart thermostat and boiler installation business based in London. We have a big family here at HomeServe with around 2,700 People along with one slightly unconventional member of our family, Pepper! To celebrate #BringYourDogToWorkDay we’re bringing you a special blog from our favourite pooch.


Pepper is quite the celebrity in our London office. His journey into work begins at 7.30am. He prefers to travel at that time to miss the morning rush on the tube. Once at the office he does his rounds, meeting and greeting some of his favourite humans. It’s not all play for Pepper, he attends meetings and works with People from across the team. 


The first meeting of the day is with Sarah, our Director of Marketing at HomeServe Connect. As the only canine member of the team Pepper is keen to ensure our People values are representative of everyone that works in the office, including himself. That’s why we’ve renamed our values to be our People and Dog Values! He’s pawsome like that!

When he’s not enjoying the sights in London, Pepper likes nothing more than helping Teo, his own human who is part of our Connect Smart Thermostat Installations team. Teo often finds Pepper is on hand to offer his help and support. In fact, Pepper is so dedicated to making a difference to the future of HomeServe Connect that he spends each and every Friday in the office.

After a hectic day at work, Pepper likes to relax and unwind. It’s all about working hard and playing hard! Working in Bravingtons Walk has its advantages. There are shops and bars close by and Pepper enjoys nothing more than a spot of window shopping as he heads into the weekend.