Stefan Ram

People and their pets

To celebrate National Pet Month we're showcasing some of our favourite pets and the people who take care of them.

Starting off with an animal that represents all things magical and mystical; one of our lovely team coaches, Gail has her very own bearded dragon, Bartholomew! At two years of age, Bart loves cockroaches, hoppers, rocket and peppers. Although he isn’t quite flying through the skies like the dragons we see on TV shows like Game of Thrones, he spends a lot of his time basking under his lamp!

Bearded Dragon belonging to HomeServe employee

Take away the rough scales and increase the size of the body drastically and that leads us nicely over to one of our claims handlers, Dana and her 3ft corn snake, Jake. Whenever I think of snakes I always think about Kaa from The Jungle Book and those crazy eyes of his. For Dana’s sake let’s hope they don’t have the same effect!

Corn snake belonging to HomeServe employee

Going from the realms of magic and hypnotism, we head on over back to the animals that aren’t quite commonplace but that we aren’t surprised to see as pets. One of the lovely ladies who keeps us in check with all things Innovation, Denise shared this interesting picture of her 4 pigs; Fred, Ginger, Lottie and Fizz. I have to say, the two in the lower picture look very content lying in the mud!

Pigs belonging to a HomeServe employee

When Kim isn’t managing the brilliant events and engagement team here at HomeServe, she spends a lot of her time looking after her lovely 12 year old rescue horse, Riley. You may recognise Kim from our Christmas video we filmed over the holidays. Riley is THE horse the Kim takes out as Rudolph to keep the dream of Santa alive for all of the children (for any children reading this...Santa is real)!

HomeServe employee riding her horse

Last but not least, I couldn’t write a post about pets without including the little dog that resides in my house (although the way he acts, it’s more like we’re the humans residing in his house!). This is Max! 

Stefan Ram and his dog, Max

A lot of our People did send pictures of themselves with their dogs and I felt that we had to put them in. Here’s a few of my favourites that I’ve picked out. 

HomeServe employees and their dogs

Now you know a little more about our People and their pets, tweet us some pictures of you and yours to @HomeServeUK on Facebook and Twitter – we’d love to see them and I’m sure plenty of the team will be fascinated for hours.