Stefan Ram

Super dad

This Father's Day we went on a mission to find a very special dad here at HomeServe and we came across Dave.

Dave is father to one of our Senior Marketing Managers; Laura, who claims she has the ‘best dad in HomeServe’. I sat down with Laura to find out what makes Dave such a tremendous parent.

One of Laura's earliest memories is of her dad and his love for spending time doing outdoor activities. Whether it was Sunday morning bike rides where free-spirited Dave would fashion seats using cushions or pillows across the handle bars of his bike, or water skiing with the whole family – it didn’t matter what they were doing - as long as they were all together.

Family portrait

Laura’s always been a daddy’s girl at heart and as she approached her teenage years her dad quickly became her best friend, agony uncle, chef, cleaner, does-this-outfit-look-good-checker, and much more all rolled into one. If that wasn’t enough Dave even readily forgave Laura after she drove his car straight into a wall on her first driving lesson at the age of 17. 

‘My dad, brother and I are a really, really close family unit and it’s all down to my dad. My mom sadly passed away when my brother and I were young, so my Dad soon found himself doing two roles instead of one. And what a great job he did – and still is doing to this day! It couldn’t have been easy for him, but he did it all with a smile on his face and kept my brother and I on the straight and narrow. He made sure we were focused on the right stuff like school, friendships and careers.’

‘To my dad, family and friends mean everything (as he does to us) and he’ll do anything to help anyone, especially, his kids. I truly don’t think he realises how special he is sometimes but everyone can see it clearly; being the brilliant daughter I am, I’ve made sure he’s pretty famous on Facebook!'Garden signs

Having flown the nest a few years ago Laura quickly found her dad adapting his role to
gardener, DIY handyman and ‘personal chef every Thursday and Sunday’. ‘The thing is, he just does it. Nothing is too big of an ask. Looking after his kids is second nature to him. Last week, I found these signs telling me I owe him drinks after he spent the day sorting my garden out; so, to top it off he’s a real joker too!'