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Valentine's Day at HomeServe

Love was in the air at HomeServe this week, take a look behind the scenes to see what we got up to.

Hey! I’ll make my introduction short and sweet so we can get straight into the good stuff. I’m Stefan; I work as part of the editorial team at HomeServe and will pop by from time to time to share stories from our fun and crazy world of work. 

Diving straight in this week was all about love and the work and magic of Cupid. This was my first Valentine’s at HomeServe and I have to say it was brilliant.


‘Why’ you ask?

It wasn't just about showing your love for one another (although I'm sure there were plenty of romantic gestures floating about), lots of our People used the balloons as a way of showing people that they appreciate them or to say thanks for something someone had done. All in aid of Marie Curie, each and every heart was sold for £1 and you could buy as many as you wanted – to your heart’s content as the saying goes.

HomeServe sites with red valentines balloons dotted around.

Our People in Banbury, Nottingham, Preston and Walsall all took part to show their love for each other. In total over 2,000 balloons were sold and dished out all around the business ready for Friday!

By the looks of their offices on Friday afternoon I'm not entirely sure our team in London got the memo...

HomeServe London offices

Sad to have missed out the team decided to celebrate their love by sharing cupcakes and donning cool beards, again raising money for Marie Curie. They're so hip.

HomeServe employees

Never one to miss out on the fun, our CMO Greg Reed photobombed many a photo on the day, here are a few of my favourites: 

Have you ever seen a grown man lost in a sea of red heart-shaped balloons? Now you have. 

HomeServe celebrates Valentine's

Don't mind Greg, he's just practicing his Egyptian.

HomeServe offices on Valentine's Day

One word, awkward.

HomeServe Valentine's celebrations

Our team of excellent writers have also been getting in on the fun. If you’re still stuck (and, more importantly, late!) and looking for gift ideas for that special gardener in your life, (no, a rose won’t cut it) Alys has you covered. Skint Dad backs up Jennifer Lopez’s theory that "Love Don't Cost a Thing" by sharing how to do Valentine's Day on a budget. Steve took some time out to celebrate all of the mothers out there in his post; Mummy knows best and my in-house blogging buddy, Sarah takes a look at the history of Valentine's and shares some of the thoughts of the People here at HomeServe.

Let us know what you’re getting up to this Valentine's Day

Are you spending it with your loved ones? If so, what’re you getting up to? Let us know by commenting below. I’ll probably be training for a run doubled up with taking my wonderful momma out for some lunch.

Enjoy and spread the love folks.