The Blands

There's enough love to go around

'The cup of love as a mother may runneth over but it’s not finite.' This Valentine's Day Rachael's celebrating with two very special men in her life.

As parents it’s all too easy to lavish all your love and attention on your child. But sometimes this means you begin to neglect your other half. The daily grind of bickering about who should change the nappies (n.b. ALWAYS Steve) and who’s wiping snot off little faces and porridge off walls doesn’t leave much time for romance. Then Valentine’s Day comes around and smacks you around the face with its over-priced bunch of roses and dinners-a-deux, and reminds you that the cup of love as a mother may runneth over but it’s not finite. There is definitely enough to go around. All the hearts and roses stuff may make it seem like it’s all geared towards us ladies but I have two very special men to celebrate with this year and they deserve recognition for being, quite frankly, wonderful. So in lieu of a schmaltzy greeting card message and in the words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning… 'How do I love Thee? Let me count the ways…'


  1. You will always change a stinky nappy with a minimal amount of complaint. This may not sound very romantic but believe me, in parenting circles, this is a grand gesture on the scale of a surprise weekend away or diamonds.

  2. You have an endless capacity for playing with Freddie. As he is the boy who just DOES.NOT. STOP. I love you more every second you’re letting him colour you in with felt tip pen while I have some time out watching Real Housewives.

  3. You have an endless capacity for loving Freddie, even when he’s squishing banana into the dogs fur and chucking the smoke alarm down the toilet (don’t ask!), your eyes light up every time you look at him.

  4. You have an endless capacity for loving me and still tell me I look beautiful even when, after a day spent being run-ragged by Freddie, I would pass for a scarecrow in a storm. I know it’s not true but thank you.

  5. When the screaming baby alarm goes off at 6am you go and press snooze by cuddling him in the nursery, while I get some more rest. I think this is the thing I love the most.

  6. You got Freddie into watching Postman Pat because, really, you enjoy it more than he does and you like to reminisce about the days you watched it with your dad. I know it’s not him that’s called for the 10th back-to-back episode of the day.

  7. You listen to me rant and don’t tell me off for breaking the things I throw when I’ve had ONE OF THOSE DAYS.

  8. You never berate me for being the World’s Worst Housewife™ and still bring me food, tea and Prosecco when I’m exhausted on the sofa.


  1. You find yourself ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. Whether it’s putting boxes on your head, running away from mummy at Tumble Tots or even your own trumps. Your toddler lust for life is a great lesson in how to live life right.

  2. You find us absolutely hilarious. Never have I had such an easy audience. A simple turning away of the head and turning back will be met with gales of laughter. Mummy rocks at being funny.

  3. You know when you’ve done something that’s hurt us. Whether it’s cracking me over the head with a TV controller or biting my knee (note to reader: he’s not a feral child, honestly!). If I react with genuine upset you pick up on it right away and give me a big cuddle to say sorry.

  4. Your cuddles. You have so many to go around.  The moment, one night recently, when you gave me a real big boy cuddle with your arms gripped around my neck will go down as one of the best of my life.

  5. Your kisses. Even though they are often snotty and a bit drooly. Nothing beats them. But when you learn to actually close your mouth they will be even better.

  6. Your face. All of it. It makes my heart want to burst.

  7. How much you love the dog. Bodie gets all the best cuddles and most of your attention. He is also hilarious. I love how him taking his toy from your hand is the FUNNIEST THING EVER.

  8. That you laugh until you make yourself sick. That there is pure, unadulterated joy.

I love my boys. They’re awesome. Happy Valentine’s everyone. Now go tell somebody you love them.