Handy hints

From kitchens to bathrooms, we’ve got you covered. With handy hints directly from our engineers we hope to help you keep your home running smoothly. Got a blocked sink? Not sure how to change a lightbulb? Don’t worry, together, we’ll take care of it.

Boilers / Gas safety / Stay safe

Gas connections and gas meters

If you need a new gas supply or are unsure what to do when your gas meter or connection is playing up, we've got some information that might see you through. If in doubt, always call on a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

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Boilers / Radiators / Cold radiators

Diagnosing a cold radiator

When it’s chilly outside, it’s no fun coming home to a cold house. If you’re asking yourself, ‘why is my radiator cold?’ our tips on troubleshooting cold radiators could help you stay toasty.

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How to deter mice and rats from your home

Mice and rats are not pests you want to see around the home, here's how you can put them off stopping by.

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Seasonal advice

Seven step spring cleaning checklist

Get things back in order after the winter madness with our seven step checklist for your spring clean.

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How to diagnose leaking pipes

Leaking pipes, although potentially hard to find, can be repaired relatively easy. Let us show you how.

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How to prepare for tiling

Looking to tile your kitchen or bathroom? Let us show you how to prepare the surface area before you get going.

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How to tile a floor

Tiling a floor can be complicated and at times a messy job. Let us show you how to get ahead of the game.

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