How to prepare your wall for wallpapering

To make sure that your walls are ready for wallpaper, it’s important that you give them a little TLC before you start pasting!

What you’ll need

  • Old rags

  • Soapy water

  • Sugar soap

  • Wallpaper stripping knife

  • Sandpaper


  • If you're replacing old paper then it's best to strip this down first, including all the backing paper.

  • Once you've stripped the old paper, wash the wall down with sugar soap or household detergent. Make sure the wall is thoroughly dry before you start hanging the new paper.

  • Get rid of any damp or organic growth, as this will seep through the new paper and hinder the paste sticking it to the wall. You may want to coat the damp area with anti-damp paint to prevent it from seeping through in the future.

  • Although some papers will hide minor wall issues, having holes in the wall doesn't provide a very good foundation for the paste to cling to. Fill in any holes or large cracks.

  • Sand down any lumps and bumps so that they don't poke through and rip your new paper or leave little mounds across the wall.

  • Sizing is a simple step that involves brushing on a coat of diluted wallpaper paste onto the wall. This will help you to slide the pasted sheets of paper into place once you get going.

Once you’ve done all of this to prime your wall, it’s time to get wallpapering!

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