About your gas supply

The gas in your home or business is provided by a Gas Supplier, who must be licensed to sell gas by OFGEM (the energy industry’s ombudsman)

Natural Gas is supplied to homes in the UK by the National Transmission System (NTS). There is also a high pressure network which transports gas from the gas entry terminals to the Gas Distribution Networks (GDN) or directly supplies power stations and other large industrial users, it is owned and operated by National Grid. National Grid does not sell gas to the end user.

There are currently eight gas distribution networks which cover separate areas of the UK. They distribute the gas supply into a series of low pressure networks of pipes to homes and businesses.

A Gas Transporter (GT) is responsible for the maintenance of a GDN. A gas supplier will use the services of a nominated gas transporter when work is required to be carried out on a meter installation. The gas transporter could be a division of the company owning the gas supplier, or may be an independent business to the supplier.

The domestic gas meter installation comprises of the following:

  • An external control valve (ECV) to allow the gas supply to be turned on or off.

  • A gas governor to maintain a consistent supply pressure to the property.

  • Connection pipe work for the incoming supply from the ECV, this may be in rigid copper pipe work, or could be in a steel semi flexible connector.

  • A gas meter.

Secondary gas meters used in properties such as in flats and additional ECV’s would be classed as part of the property’s gas supply and would be the responsibility of the property owner.

These components remain the property of the gas supplier/gas transporter. If your gas meter appears to be faulty or isn't working, you will need to contact your gas supplier. The contact number can be found on your gas bill.

If you're unsure of who your gas supplier is, or you don't have a gas meter yet, call the M Number Enquiry Line on 0870 608 1524 and ask for your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number). This is the unique identifier for your gas supply point and will identify the current registered gas supplier at your property.

The pipe work from the gas meter to the gas appliances is not part of the meter installation and remains the responsibility of the property owner.

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