How to diagnose a leaking boiler

A leaking boiler is a fairly common problem, but it should always be fixed quickly and before the problem gets worse.

Leaking central heating boilers are a fairly common problem, but if identified early, can usually be fixed easily before any lasting damage occurs.

When leaks can occur

  • Failed seals or joints

  • Cracked or split water carrying parts within the boiler

What to look for

  • Drips or damp patches below the boiler

  • Signs of surface corrosion on the boiler casing and pipe work

  • Lower water pressure (on those boilers with a pressure gauge)

What to do

  • Contain the leak, if possible, using a suitable container to minimise damage.

  • If possible, isolate the water supply to the boiler.

  • If the water leak is uncontainable, it may be necessary to turn off the mains cold water stop tap and the electric supply to your boiler.

  • Call a reputable Gas Safe registered gas engineer to inspect and repair the boiler.

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