Noisy boiler and pipes

If you hear your boiler or heating pipes making noises such as whistling, gurgling or banging, you should address the problem immediately.

A noisy boiler and or heating pipes can be annoying or the initial signs of more serious problems with your heating system.

You may be experiencing banging, humming, gurgling, whistling, tapping or ticking.

Noise from your central heating system can be caused by a number of reasons; some have been listed below.

  • Air trapped within the heating system

  • Air trapped within the boiler

  • Scale or sludge build-up within the boiler

  • Lack of water in the boiler and heating system

  • Too much water pressure in the heating system

  • Lack of water circulation due to pump failure or partial blockage within the boiler or heating system

  • Vibration or humming from the system pump

  • Vibration from the boiler fan (if it has one)

  • Expansion and contraction of metals as the boiler and heating system heats up and cools down

You may be able to stop or reduce some of these symptoms by referring to further guidance from this website on how to diagnose central heating problems or how to bleed a radiator.

If the symptoms persist or you are unable to follow our guidance from above, seek the advice of a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer.

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