How to fit a cylinder lock

If you're changing the locks on your doors and steering more towards cylinder locks, here's how you can do it.

A cylinder lock has a latch which automatically engages into a ‘keep’ when the door is closed. A new cylinder lock will usually come with fitting instructions and a template for marking the door, but if you want to know how to go about it simply follow these steps:


1. Mark up

Using the body of the lock as a template, mark the position on the door.

2. Drill

Check the instructions for the diameter of the hole you'll need to drill. Make sure you drill the hole from both sides of the door; otherwise you could split the wood!

3. Insert the cylinder

Insert the cylinder through the front plate and fix the mounting plate to the back of the door. Fix the cylinder to the mounting plate using the two long screws provided.

4. Mark the lock body

Place the lock body over the mounting plate and mark round the door edge overhang. Chisel out a recess for the lock.

5. Fit the lock body

Mark the screw holes and check the length of the locking bar. If the bar is too long you will be able to cut it to size with a hacksaw. Drill the screw holes and fit the lock body.

6. Fit the latch

Push the door until almost closed and mark the position for the latch. Place the keep against the frame and mark where it sits and the screw holes. Chisel the recess for the keep, drill the screw holes and fit the keep.

Top tip

Make sure that you hold the drill level when you make any holes. Holes drilled at an angle through the door mean that the two lock faces won't line up.

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