Saving energy with a smart thermostat

When it comes to your home heating system and the energy it uses, in the age of information, more is definitely more. That’s why smart thermostats were invented.

An upgrade to the humble thermostat that enables users to control their heating via a dial on the wall, the smart thermostat uses the internet to allow for greater control, but also the gathering of information.

Gone are the days when you need to be in your home to control its temperature. Thanks to the superior technology in a smart thermostat, as long as you’re connected to the internet you can dial the temperature up or down from the other side of the world, if your heart so desires.

Compatible with most home heating systems and boilers, smart thermostats are growing in popularity not just for their convenience but for the multiple energy saving benefits they bring.

How can smart thermostats save you energy?

More control

By enabling you to only heat your radiators and hot water when you need to, thanks to a smart thermostats functionality and remote accessibility you’ll automatically reduce the amount of energy you use.

Increased visibility

With a smart thermostat you’ll get to see real-time data on how much energy you’re using, both on the device itself and through your app. This insight about your energy habits will enable you to make informed decisions on how and where you can cut back. Your smart thermostat will also be able to make recommendations based on what it has learned about your lifestyle.

No more estimated bills

With more information and precise readings available, energy bills can be exact, rather than estimated.