Why choose a smart thermostat?

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All-singing and all-dancing, a smart thermostat acts as the gateway to your central heating system. A reboot of the traditional thermostat that connects to your boiler, a smart thermostat is the modern, tech equivalent to sliced bread.

Giving you greater control over your energy from near or far, smart thermostats are centre stage of the so-called “connected home”, where appliances and accessories connect to the internet to provide increased efficiencies and remote access.

Not called smart for nothing, modern smart thermostats have many benefits.

Real-time, remote control

Allowing you to control your heating and hot water in real time from anywhere in the world through online and mobile apps, as long as you’re connected to the internet you can change the temperature from the ends of the earth just as easily as from the comfort of your sofa.

Visibility and analysis of energy usage

A wise man once said that “knowledge is power”, and knowing how much energy you’re using, and how, can only help you to make better use of it. Recording everything about your home, from how long it takes to heat up, to your preferred temperatures, the data captured will enable your smart thermostat to recommend ways you can reduce waste.

Peace of mind

Providing peace of mind, a smart thermostat will help you worry a little less about your heating! As intuitive as it is simple to use, your smart thermostat can also help to diagnose any faults in your central heating system, alerting you if there’s a problem with the delivery of your heating or hot water. Not only will this save time and discomfort, it’ll also take the hassle out of trying to figure out why your system isn’t working.

Increased comfort

Enabling you to manage your heating on the go, a smart thermostat will ensure your home is always just as you like it. With the right settings programmed in your app, a smart thermostat can detect when you’re on your way home or have left the house, altering the temperature accordingly.

Your smart thermostat will always go the extra mile too, gauging the temperature outside and keeping an eye on the local weather forecast to maintain your settings inside. So no matter what time of day you’re coming and going, or what the weather’s doing, your home will always be just right.

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