Jargon Buster - G

Confused by DIY terms? We’ve got you covered from A-Z with our Jargon Buster!

Gas Safe Register

A list of engineers who are permitted to install and service gas boilers as approved by the Gas Safe Register.

Gas shut-off valve

This is usually located next to the gas meter. If the meter box is located outside then a gas key is usually required to open the box.


A visual device to obtain the value of a medium. For example, water pressure or temperature. Can be mechanical, electrical, or a combination.

Gland nut

The part of a connection that has to be physically tightened.

Gland packing

A seal used to prevent leakage between a fixed part and a moving part.

Gravity circulation

A water circuit that, being un-pumped, relies on the principle that hot water rises and cold water sinks. Where there is a heating source, circulation occurs.


A fitting of the underground surface water or waste water drain over which down-pipes, or other above ground (such as soil and vent pipes) drainage, discharge.


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