Jargon Buster - L

Confused by DIY terms? We’ve got you covered from A-Z with our Jargon Buster!

Large-bore pipe

Used to broadly identify the larger copper pipe sizes over 28 millimetres commonly used for plumbing and central heating systems.

LCD display

Abbreviated from Liquid Crystal Display, it is an electronic visual display that can be found fitted as a flat panel on boilers and programmers and gives information regarding that appliance.


Is a hard off-white, calcium deposit that can be found in the primary water side of an inadequately protected central heating system especially in hard water areas.
It can damage a boiler's heat exchanger and other water carrying components, cause water leaks, and reduce the reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness of the central heating system.

Lockshield valve

A manually operated control valve that requires a purpose-made tool to use.


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