Jargon Buster - R

Confused by DIY terms? We’ve got you covered from A-Z with our Jargon Buster!


Transfers the heat from the water in the central heating system to the rooms.

Radiator cabinet

A decorative or protective surround for a radiator.

Radiator valves

Used to control and isolate the water flow and return on a radiator.


An electrical component, often found on the 'PCB' used to switch secondary equipment such as water pumps, gas valves, and flue fans.

Room thermostat

Controls the temperature by means of simple on-off switching of the boiler (or the pump, if the boiler has to run constantly in order to provide hot water).


A common term for corrosion of iron and its alloys, such as steel, formed by the reaction of the metal with oxygen in the presence of water.


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