How to diagnose common washing machine problems

Are your clothes not being cleaned properly? Take a look at our handy hints to help you identify common washing machine problems.

If you're suffering from a pile up of dirty laundry and a machine that's on strike, don't panic! There's no need to go showing off your smalls at the launderette if your washing machine isn't working, because we're here to help you get things back on track.

Always be sure to unplug your machine before working on it. Electricity and water don't mix!


It's important to act swiftly if you're faced with a leaking washing machine. There are a few simple checks that you can perform which should help you to get to the bottom of the problem:

  • Have a look around the door seal to check for wear and tear. Replacing the seal is easy; just remove the front panel and find where it fits to the tub.

  • Pull the machine out and check for loose pipe connections.

  • Check your soap dispenser. Gunge can build up on the water holes, causing water to spray forward. Giving it a clean should help.

If there's still a leak then your washing machine is probably overfilling itself due to a faulty water level sensor, or there could be an internal blockage. If this is the case then it's best to call upon the services of a professional appliance technician.

No Water

If you find that your machine isn’t filling up with any water whatsoever, try out the below:

  • Make sure you have selected the right program before starting your wash.

  • Check that your hot and cold water hoses are connected correctly.

  • Check that the fill hose is not bent or kinked.

  • Try turning on a tap to make sure that your water is on. If not, you may want to get in touch with your water supplier.

Excessive Movement and Noise

If doing a load of laundry results in wandering washing machine syndrome then there are several things that you can check:

  • Have you under/overloaded causing an unbalanced drum?

  • Is it on an uneven floor?

  • Is the drum loose?

If none of these apply then there's a chance that your motor is on its way out, which will require help from an appliance repairman.

Sticking mid-cycle

Your machine could just be taking a break whilst waiting for the water level to fill up or for the water to heat to the right temperature. However, if it seems to be waiting forever then you might have pushed the drain hose too far down the standpipe, stopping the machine from emptying.

If that doesn't solve the problem then you could have a dodgy water valve or heating element on your hands, which will require the services of a professional appliance technician.

If you've tried everything and your machine is still on strike then it's time to call in an appliance technician.

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