How to diagnose noisy boilers

Boiler noise can be very annoying and disruptive, and could point to more serious problems in the near future.

Boiler noise can be caused by any, or a combination of some of the following: 

  • Vibrations and/or humming from the circulating pump.

  • Vibrations from the boiler fan if it has one.

  • A blockage or sludge build-up within the boiler.

  • Lack of circulation following pump failure.

  • Air trapped within the boiler.

The above examples would need to be checked by a Gas Safe® Registered heating engineer.

  • Air trapped within the heating system.

  • Thermostatic Radiator Valve operating incorrectly or stuck.

  • Lack of water in the heating system/boiler.

These are simple examples which could be dealt with if you follow further simple guidance from this website.

Vibration of the circulating pump can be caused by loose brackets or vibrations from components around it.

Air in the system can be checked by venting air from radiators, see our section on ‘How to bleed a radiator’.

Thermostatic Radiator Valve issues can be checked by referring to our section on ‘How to diagnose central heating problems’.

If these tips have not helped improve things, you will need the advice and expertise of a Gas Safe® Registered heating engineer.


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