How to install a washing machine

Looking to take a load off your manual labour? Let us show you how to install a washing machine.

Getting your clothes clean without having to muck about with a mangle is simple when you have a washing machine, and installing one is relatively easy (and a lot cheaper than calling out a plumber!). Follow our tips to ensure that your washing machine installation is a breeze.

Instructions are normally included with your new machine. If you've bought a second-hand or refurbished model the seller may still have a copy, or you might be able to find the appropriate manual online.

Don't forget to get your hands on an adjustable spanner for the installation.

Water Supply

Your washing machine will have been supplied with a PVC hose that links the water inlets at the back of the appliance to special miniature valves connected to the household plumbing. The hoses are colour coded, red for hot and blue for cold.

  • Make sure the valve is turned off

  • Connect the hose by screwing it onto the valve

  • Make sure everything's nice and tight before you turn the valves on

Waste Water

The outlet hose from a washing machine must be connected to a waste system that will get rid of the dirty water. The standpipe and trap is the standard method.

The machine hose fits loosely into the open-ended pipe, so that dirty water won't be siphoned back into the machine. Always ensure the open end is at least 2 ft above the floor.

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