Water Cylinder leaks

A leaking water cylinder can suggest that there is a bigger problem as well as cause damage to your floors. The quicker it’s fixed the better – here are some things you can try.

A leaking water cylinder is no fun. Find out if there's a quick fix or whether you'll need a plumber with this advice.

First, make sure that the leak is originating from the cylinder itself and not from an adjacent water pipe. You might also be fooled by condensation dripping down the side of the cylinder and pooling on the floor – this is caused by cold water entering the cylinder, especially in humid areas.

  1. To make sure, turn off your gas central heating for a few hours and see if there's still pooling water or water on the side of the cylinder.

  2. If it's definitely a leak, the source is often the temperature pressure relief valve (TPV) located at the top of your boiler.

  3. Tighten the TPV down, being careful not to make it too tight.

If there's water leaking from the seams of the cylinder or you notice signs of corrosion, you'll need to call in a professional plumber to replace the water cylinder.


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