How to deal with loss of electricity

If you have a power outage, you'll want to get your house lit back up and working as soon as possible. We'll take you through what you need to look out for and do to get this sorted.

Check your meter

First, check that your electrical meter is turned on and functional. If you have a credit meter, make sure the money hasn't run out. If it's late in the evening and this happens, most electric keys have an emergency allowance to tide you over until the next day when you can top-up your credit.

Check your fuse box

Check whether the fuse box trip switch has tripped – this sometimes happens automatically when there's a power surge. Each of the switches controls certain parts of the electrics in your home – one for lights, one for sockets, etc. If one of the switches is off, simply flick it back up to restore the power to this part of your home.

Next steps

If your power is still out you will need to contact a professional electrician or your electricity supplier for help.

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