How to fix common electrical problems

If you fancy yourself as a handyman or woman, then fixing electrical problems might be tempting. Before you do, check everything is okay to go forward and remember, professional help is always best!

Some wiring problems are just inconveniences, but others can pose serious fire or electrocution hazards. It's important to diagnose and resolve a wiring issue as soon as possible.

Simple wiring faults on electrical appliances can be diagnosed and solved using DIY manuals, which often contain a maintenance and repairs section that gives detailed step-by-step instructions for all home wiring repair and maintenance jobs.

Remember, with all of our tips, if at any point you are in doubt, call in a qualified electrician. Working with electricity can be hazardous, especially when you're not sure what you're doing!

Electrical Fittings

Electrical fittings are subject to more wear and tear than most household fixtures and fittings. It's especially important not to ignore these problems since you're dealing with live circuits that are especially hazardous.

Safety First

As always, safety is crucial when working with electrical or wiring faults. When tackling wiring issues remember to:

  • Switch off the power at the mains supply and if working on an appliance unnplug it

  • Use the right tools for the job

  • Remove the relevant circuit fuse

  • Watch out for any exposed wiring

  • Make sure there aren't any liquids in the area you're working on

  • Never fit a fuse that's rated too highly for the circuit to protect

  • Double check your work (particularly connections) before you turn the electricity back on

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