Draught proofing your home

Are you looking to keep the wind and cold out and the heat in this winter? Draught-proofing your home is a great place to start.

Gaps between the skirting and floorboards

Flexible sealant is ideal for filling the gaps between skirting and floorboards, plus it’s not prone to deterioration.

Patio doors and sash windows

Brush strips create a flexible barrier that’s ideal for surfaces constantly moving against each other.

Door and window frames

Self-adhesive foam or rubber strips can easily be attached to window and door frames. The rubber strips are the stronger of the two and much more hard-wearing.                

Around external doors

A screw-on external door kit lets you form a second seal around the door. It sits on top of the frame rather than between the seal and the door, so you’ll still be able to open and close it as normal.

Underneath external doors

Compression threshold strips can easily be fitted to the floor under external doors to prevent draughts.              


These are a common source of draughts, but something as simple as a brass cover that pivots over the lock can be a great remedy.


Fit your letterbox with a strong, spring-mounted flap. An additional interior flap or brush unit can also be fitted to neaten the appearance of the opening and of course, further reduce draughts.

If you’re still experiencing a high-level of draught once you've made these changes, then it is also worth checking that your walls and loft are insulated. 

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