Staying safe on Halloween and Bonfire Night

Keep yourself, friends, family and pets safe this Halloween and Bonfire Night with our top tips!

Autumn is here; which means Bonfire Night and Halloween celebrations are just around the corner. If you’re organising a firework display for friends and family or going trick or treating; it’s important to stay safe!

Firework Safety Tips

If you are putting on a show for your family and friends in the form of a firework display, take a look at the below to make sure that everyone, pets included, are safe!

  • Store fireworks safely - If you're organised and have bought your fireworks in advance of Bonfire Night, ensure that you store them in a safe place until they’re needed. Always store fireworks in a closed metal box and keep them well away from open flames.

  • Take care when setting off fireworks - It's a good idea to avoid drinking alcohol if you're going to be responsible for lighting fireworks. Keep a bucket of water on hand to put out small fires and to keep used sparklers in.

  • Read the instructions carefully before you light each firework – fireworks such as Catherine Wheels and rockets require different supports and launchers. Light fireworks at arm's length using a taper and never return to a lit firework.

  • Be careful with sparklers - Children and adults alike love sparklers, so it's important to know how to stay safe with them on Bonfire Night. Remember to light sparklers one at a time and protect your hands from any stray sparks by wearing gloves. Always supervise children with sparklers and never give a sparkler to children under 5 years of age.

Bonfire Safety Tips

If you're planning to build a bonfire in your garden, there are a few things you'll need to consider before you put on your wellies and get out your matches.

  • Before you light your bonfire - If you're inviting friends and family round, it's polite to let your neighbours know in advance (this may also reduce the chance that they'll complain about the smoke!)

  • Choose dry materials to build your bonfire and avoid using damp wood – this will produce more smoke when it burns. Always choose an open spot for your bonfire and never build it close to sheds, fences or trees.

  • When you've lit your bonfire - Once your bonfire's burning steadily, keep a close eye on it and never leave it unattended. It's a good idea to keep a bucket of water or garden hose nearby, just in case the bonfire gets out of control.

  • Once your bonfire has died down - As soon as your bonfire has died down, it's important to make sure that the flames have completely gone out. You can help to prevent your bonfire re-igniting by spraying the embers with water.

Safer Trick or Treating

If your little ones are off trick or treating this Halloween, take a look at these useful tips for keeping them safe.

  • Accompany your children - If you have young children who want to go trick or treating, always make sure they're accompanied by a responsible adult. Try to stick to areas you know well, such as the streets around your home. If possible, avoid poorly-lit roads.

  • Be considerate to your neighbours - Always respect the wishes of your neighbours at Halloween. Not everyone is happy to open their door to strangers – even little children. Keep an eye out for 'no trick or treat' signs before you let your kids ring the doorbell.

  • Check all Halloween treats - It may sound extreme, but always check all sweets and chocolate before you allow your children to eat anything. Throw away any unwrapped or out of date items.

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