Seven step spring cleaning checklist

Get things back in order after the winter madness with our seven step checklist for your spring clean.

The miserable winter weather seems to be behind us and spring-like weather conditions are finally with us. So why not start the sunny season in style by grabbing a pair of rubber gloves, rolling your sleeves up and making a start on making your home a better place to be?

Bleed radiators

Cold spots on your radiators can leave your house feeling chilly and can be caused by sludge, debris or a clog in the system, so it's well worth bleeding them once a year. Letting out trapped air should help to get rid of cold patches and, better still, we've got an easy-to-follow guide as well as a step-by-step video if you need an extra hand.

Unclog your gutters

It's not the most glamorous task but gutters clogged up with leaves can cause water overspills, structural damage and other issues. You can get rid of debris with a garden trowel and pouring a bucket of water through once done will help identify that everything is flowing as it should. Don't forget, be careful when you're working at heights and wear the appropriate gear to keep you safe.

Prune trees

Now is the time to prune trees around your property to make sure they're kept away from guttering, walls and your roof. This should help to minimise the risk of them causing problems during spring showers.

Check your smoke alarm

Fire safety is absolutely critical and it's important to make sure that your smoke alarm is working and that you're checking it on a regular basis. It's worth opening up the case every six months to clear out any dust that might have got inside as this can block the smoke sensors. Be sure to push the test button every so often and replace batteries if the warning indicator signals/bleeps (indicating they're running low).

Look out for unwanted visitors

Pests can cause all kinds of issues if/when they get in to your home, so keep an eye out for signs of their presence. A musky smell, droppings, damage to cables or furnishings and rustling noises in the attic are all signs that indicate you might have some pests in your home.

Keep your plugholes clear

If your pipes or drains get blocked up, it could cause some serious issues below your sink and you should notice that the water takes longer than usual to clear away. Best practice is to keep ahead of the game and use a plug strainer to stop any small bits of debris getting into your pipework and causing a blockage.

Tackle the damp

Damp stains aren't pleasant to look at, and there are plenty reasons why you'll want to deal with them. Before you go ahead and tackle the stains that are spoiling your walls/floor, make sure you've taken care of the cause of the damp. It could be anything from leak, inadequate ventilating or the pointing in brickwork.

Once you've resolved the cause of the damp, start tackling the stain using a base mix of PVA glue and paint. This mixture will help kill off the mould and also act as a drying agent. Apply it first to reduce the staining and then after 24 hours, apply another coat to give it a nice finish.

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