How to thaw a condensate pipe

A frozen condensate pipe can cause serious problems for your boiler, don't get left out in the cold, our tips will see you through!

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Seven steps to help avoid a boiler breakdown

Your boiler’s job is to keep you, your family and your home warm. While it always needs to be in good working condition, it’s most essential during the run-up to Christmas.

It’s important to recognise when your boiler may need attention, before it has chance to break down in the chilly weather.

Here are seven tips to help you know if you should book an engineer to take a look at your boiler…

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HomeServe Heating

Three ways to get the best from your new boiler

When you invest in a brand new boiler you can expect it to heat your home efficiently for several years. While a manufacturer’s warranty can give you peace of mind that your boiler will be protected should anything go wrong, there are a few additional things you can do to prolong the life of your new boiler and maximise its capabilities.

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Boiler care

Taking care of your boiler

Whether they’re heating your radiators or your hot water, boilers are at the heart of the modern home. Yet most of us forget about our boilers until they start causing us trouble. 

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Boiler Maintenance

Boiler maintenance

Your boiler is at the heart of your home, working to keep you warm and provide you with hot water all year round.

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Boiler problems

Overflow pipe

An overflow pipe, sometimes known as a warning pipe is attached to the cisterns in your home. Water will only flow through this pipe if the level of water in the cistern exceeds its predetermined level.

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Gas connections

Can you smell gas in your property

Gas leaks are a serious hazard. If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak follow our tips to help you identify the problem.

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