Paranormal activities in your home? Who you gonna call?

One in five people claim to blame odd noises, creaking doors and leaky taps in their homes on supernatural activity – while over half claim to have seen or felt a ghostly presence.

While 1.5% of people turn to exorcists for help, HomeServe has a far less frightening alternative…

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10 tips for making the most of your Halloween handiwork

Halloween is no longer strictly for kids, and any excuse to decorate the house for a spooky soiree is more than welcome.

Check out these tips for preserving a pumpkin to make the most of your festive décor.


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Skint Dad

Celebrate Halloween on a budget

Skint Dad's put together his top tips on how you can have a spooktacular Halloween without breaking the bank.

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Alys Fowler

Don't waste your pumpkin seeds at Halloween

Get ready to carve your pumpkins but don't be so quick to throw away the seeds! Read about how you can put those nutritious pips to use.

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Halloween outfit ideas

Whether you're looking for costume ideas or inspiration on how to apply your face paint, MarvelJes has you covered!

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Sarah Hazelwood

The history of Halloween

Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition, but amid all the commercialisation, haunted houses and spooky stories, the origins of Halloween are often overlooked. Halloween actually has a rich and interesting history and there’s much more to this spooktacular event than meets the eye…

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