Smart homes


Saving energy with a smart thermostat

When it comes to your home heating system and the energy it uses, in the age of information, more is definitely more. That’s why smart thermostats were invented.

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What is a smart thermostat?

An invention that’s been knocking the socks off Brits since it first landed on our shores a few years back, not only is a smart thermostat impressive, it’s also simple to use.

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Why choose a smart thermostat?

Tado - smart thermostat / smart home

All-singing and all-dancing, a smart thermostat acts as the gateway to your central heating system. A reboot of the traditional thermostat that connects to your boiler, a smart thermostat is the modern, tech equivalent to sliced bread.

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Sarah Hazelwood

Smart tech is getting smarter and so are our homes

Technology has come on leaps and bounds over the years and today an abundance of smart gadgets are transforming the traditional British home.

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Fun stuff

Ian Taylor takes over HomeServe

Ian Taylor took over HomeServe to celebrate HomeServe's match sponsorship of Aston Villa FC v Liverpool FC on 17th January 2015.

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